Elevating Brand Identity and Engagement for SAND Salon

Client Overview:

In late 2022, Amanda engaged in a conversation about branding with her stylist, Courtney, at her go-to salon, SAND Salon. Courtney along with her business partner Breanna and Sarah, had taken a leap of faith by establishing SAND Salon in February of the same year. Their initial focus has been on setting up their operations and cultivating a welcoming ambiance in their intimate space. After reflecting on their journey and future aspirations, they realized their desire to showcase the brand more prominently to the Columbia area.

The Challenge:

Upon sharing their existing logo with Amanda, she knew that their current branding did not reflect their style or the high-level of work that they provide to their clients. So just like they do for their clients, they treated themselves to a little makeover.

Discovery and Collaboration:

Branding mirrors the collaborative nature of getting your hair done at a salon. Just as a stylist and client work together to achieve a desired look, our journey with SAND Salon commenced with a client discovery discussion. The insightful process unveiled the trio’s passion for their craft, their commitment to utilizing organic products, and their shared core values. Furthermore, they refined their primary services and identified their key audience.

With these essential insights in hand, we embarked on rejuvenating the foundational elements of their brand. Our journey started with the creation of a new logo that authentically captured their essence. A contemporary font and fresh color palette were thoughtfully selected, aligning seamlessly with their brand identity.  

Holistic Brand Rollout:

With these components in place, a comprehensive plan was crafted to unveil the updated brand during their one-year anniversary celebration. The strategy extended beyond just the visual elements though. SAND Salon initiated a monthly newsletter campaign, delivering industry-specific content tailored to their target audience, comprising existing and prospective clients. The salon also embraced a regimen of regular strategy sessions, aligning their Instagram approach with their overall brand vision.

As a final touch, Bytesize transformed their fundamental booking system into a compelling and user-centric online platform. This evolution seamlessly intertwined their distinct brand identity and messaging with the practicality of their booking experience.   

The Outcome:

The reimagined branding had an immediate impact on the SAND Salon team. Within the first six months, their Instagram following increased by almost 20%, accompanied by substantial engagement. Their consistent posting regimen averages 14 carefully curated posts per month, doubling their initial content output. Moreover, their monthly newsletter fetches an impressive open rate of 56%, surpassing the beauty industry standard of 30%. This multifaceted transformation not only revitalized their presence but also invigorated their team’s spirit and commitment to their business journey.